Todd Moore

VP IBM Open Technologies, Austin

Todd Moore, IBM VP, Open Technology, leads the IBM global team developing open code and open communities fueling both innovation and new business models. AI, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, IoT, Mobile, and Analytics are some of the exciting technologies in the mix at IBM. He has a unique background in software and hardware development, architecture, design and product management. With extensive experience in mobile and distributed computing systems, and a background spanning embedded devices to large parallel systems no topic is out of bounds. Over his career, Todd and his team of open source developers have gained insight by working with leading Open Source communities such as the Apache Software Foundation, Linux Foundation, eClipse, OSGi, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Docker, CNCF, JS, Node.js and more. He currently serves as Chairperson of both the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors and the CNCF Governing Board. He holds a Masters Degree in the Management of Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Business, and a BS EE from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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