Are you an application developer who has already build a super cool solution with OpenWhisk?

Share your solution with the community and get feedback.
Share your rules, actions, and triggers and – in return – benefit from others doing the same preventing people from reinventing the wheel.

Or are you a (micro)service owner/provider?

If so you should consider enabling your service for OpenWhisk and help to let your service start playing the OpenWhisk game.
This will make your service more attractive to other developers as it allows it to be used when building OpenWhisk-based event-driven solutions.

Or are you a potential runtime contributor?

Do you want to help adding even more cool features?
For instance, do you want to help adding support for even more runtimes?
Join us!

In any case: We are looking forward to hear about your ideas and benefit from your contributions. Join the community and become part of the OpenWhisk game.