Transform your traditional on-premises app and deploy it as a containerized app on a public or private cloud


If you have existing on-premises WebSphere® Application Server apps and can benefit by moving them to the cloud, this code pattern is for you. A simple demo app shows how to run a custom data collector to analyze an app and provide recommendations, cost estimates, and detailed reports to help with your transformation project. You see how to generate the artifacts you need and get your application deployed and running in a Liberty container on the cloud.


This code pattern uses the Transformation Advisor app to evaluate an on-premises traditional WebSphere Application Server application for deployment on public or private cloud environments. See how to use the Transformation Advisor integration with the Microclimate development environment to deploy the app in a Liberty container running on IBM Cloud Private. The pattern also shows how to download the generated migration bundle and use its Helm chart to deploy the containerized app to a public cloud: the Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud.

A sample web app demonstrates a migration from an on-premises application to the cloud.

When you use this code pattern, you learn how to complete the following tasks:

  • Use Transformation Advisor to create a custom data collector.
  • Run the custom data collector to analyze a traditional WebSphere Application Server application.
  • Review the Transformation Advisor reports to see migration complexity, cost, and recommendations.
  • Generate artifacts to containerize the app.
  • Move the modernized app to IBM Cloud Private using Microclimate.
  • Move the modernized app to the Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud using a generated migration bundle.



  1. The developer downloads a custom data collector from Transformation Advisor.
  2. The developer runs the data collector on the traditional WebSphere Application Server host.
  3. Data collector analysis is uploaded (automatically or manually).
  4. The developer reviews recommendations in Transformation Advisor and creates a migration bundle.
  5. Transformation Advisor deploys the modernized app as a containerized Liberty app on IBM Cloud Private through Microclimate.
  6. The developer downloads the migration bundle.
  7. The developer uses Docker to build an image and upload it to the IBM Cloud container registry.
  8. The developer uses a generated Helm chart to deploy the modernized app as a containerized Liberty app on the Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud.


Find detailed technical steps for this code pattern in the file in the GitHub repository.

  1. Verify Microclimate prerequisites.
  2. Get started with the Transformation Advisor.
  3. Download and run the data collector.
  4. Upload results, if necessary.
  5. View the recommendations and cost estimates.
  6. Complete your migration bundle.
  7. Create a GitHub or GitLab repository.
  8. Deploy your application.
  9. Deploy to the Kubernetes Service on IBM Cloud.
Dana Price
Dan Banta
Daniel Xu
Mark Sturdevant