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Assign a Maximo Workorder to a skilled technician identified in Workday


This pattern is an integration use case involving IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and Workday HR Software Services.


The pattern shows how you can use an App Connect SaaS message flow to do the initial setup of Crafts in IBM Maximo using Workday Skills. It also shows how you can schedule creating and updating Labor with Crafts and user information imported from Workday.





Find the detailed steps for this pattern in the file. The steps show you how to:

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Set up Workday.
  3. Set up Maximo Enterprise Asset Management.
  4. Set up App Connect.
  5. Import, configure, and run the App Connect message flows
  6. Test run the flows in App Connect.
  7. Extend the code pattern by mapping additional attributes.