Build a MEAN web app


This developer pattern presents code to create a web app that is pre-configured with the MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js (MEAN) stack. We use IBM Cloud services to host our application, the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI to run and debug locally, and then provide native commands to deploy to Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry.

After you have completed this pattern, you’ll understand how to:

  • Build an application that uses MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js
  • Create an application for monitoring and distributed tracing using App Metrics
  • Deploy an application using the IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI or natively with Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry


build a web app with mern

  1. The user views the AngularJS web app with a browser.
  2. With both components written in Node.js, the AngularJS front end communicates with the Express back end via RESTful APIs.
  3. The back-end Express application uses the Mongo database for storing and retrieving data.
  4. Back-end results are communicated back to the front end.
  5. Front-end results are rendered in a human-readable format to the user.


Ready to get started? Please see the README for detailed instructions.