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Bring the blue dot indoors with Apple Indoor Maps and IBM TRIRIGA


In this code pattern, we show how to integrate Apple Indoor Maps within IBM TRIRIGA.


Navigating within a building can be challenging for occupants that are unfamiliar with the layout of a facility. Wouldn’t it be great to bring the “blue dot” experience that we get with GPS in our cars inside our buildings? Now we can! Apple Indoor Maps utilizes existing Wi-Fi network signal patterns to enable accurate location positioning inside a building. By integrating this with IBM TRIRIGA workplace experience applications, users can know exactly where they are, and where they need to get to, within a building.

When the user has completed this code pattern, they will understand how to turn their existing floor plans into an interactive indoor experience with Apple Indoor Maps integrated into their TRIRIGA perceptive web apps.


Indoor Maps


Set up and run this code pattern.

  1. Install or use a Polymer 1.0 compatible TRIRIGA version
  2. Install the Polymer 1.0 library
  3. Run WebViewSync to initialize TRIRIGA server connection
  4. Clone Apple-Indoor-Maps repository from github
  5. Push Apple Map element to the TRIRIGA server
  6. Convert autocad floor plans to IMDF geojson with Safe FME workbench
  7. Create private key for jwt token using Apple developer account
  8. Enable Wi-Fi Fingerprinting
  9. Test final product

For more detailed information, see this pattern’s GitHub repository.