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Automate your video analysis


Implement our script that monitors a folder for changes. As images are copied into the folder, they are automatically uploaded for analyzation by IBM Maximo Visual Inspection.

This solution is primarily geared towards utility and communications companies that use drones to inspect their equipment. As the inspection footage is copied from a drone’s image storage, the videos are split up into frames, and each individual frame is analyzed.

The recognized class/object, confidence score, heatmap, and video timestamp information can be stored in a CSV file. This CSV file is compatible with a previous code pattern, Generate and visualize video analytics using IBM Maximo Visual Inspection, which renders the analysis results in a dashboard.


This pattern teaches you how to use a script that we provide that monitors a folder for changes.




Follow these steps to set up and run this code pattern.

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Populate the configuration file
  3. Start the script
  4. Load the CSV in a dashboard (optional)

For more detailed information, read the code pattern’s README file on GitHub.