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Real-time payments with a chatbot

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Create a chatbot assistant to process payments and provide account information using Watson and Real-Time Payments services on IBM Cloud


In this code pattern, we use IBM Cloud services to create a Node.js web application that features a chatbot to send payments and provide account information. The Real-Time Payments service manages user accounts and recipients, and initiates payments. The Watson Assistant service creates a dialog for the chatbot that processes the user’s requests. The Natural Language Understanding service enhances the chatbot capabilities to identify entities.

Upon completion of this pattern, you will understand how to:

  • Create a chatbot dialog with Watson Assistant and Natural Language Understanding
  • Set up the Real-Time Payments service to manage the user’s accounts and recipients, and process payments
  • Integrate the chatbot with the Real-Time Payments service to process payments and provide user information



  1. The user accesses the chatbot through the Real-Time Payments web application.
  2. Watson Assistant takes the natural language input and breaks it up. It then maps it to the appropriate intents and entities.
  3. User input is processed with Natural Language Understanding. The context is enriched with detected entities and keywords.
  4. The Real-Time Payments service processes the user’s request such as sending payments, providing account data, or providing information about transactions.
  5. Watson Assistant uses the data/response from the Real-Time Payments service to provide an informative response.
  6. The response is delivered to the user through the chatbot in the web application.


Ready to get started? Please see the README for the full instructions.