Create a global finance blockchain application with IBM Blockchain Platform Extension for VS Code


The Global Finance application using blockchain technology tracks actions on an order by the the various members of a network — buyer, seller, provider, shipper, and finance company. These actions include:

  • Buyer creates the order
  • Seller contacts a provider for the items
  • Shipper delivers the items
  • Finance company processes payments to the seller

This code pattern explores how the application tracks these actions, and also covers dispute resolution which can be applied across industry verticals to resolve disputes. This use case employs a Node.js smart contract and a Node.js web application.


This code pattern demonstrates how to package a Node.js smart contract using the IBM Blockchain Platform Extension for VS Code. Then, using the extension, you can set up a local instance of a Hyperledger Fabric network on which you can install and instantiate the contract. You can then develop a Node.js web application that interacts with the network. This application demonstrates a Global Finance use case by creating different views for the various members on the network.

When you have completed this code pattern, you will understand how to:

  • Develop a Node.js smart contract
  • Package and deploy the smart contract to a local instance of Hyperledger Fabric using IBM Blockchain Platform Extension for VS Code
  • Develop a Node.js blockchain web application to interact with the deployed Fabric network


Global financing flow diagram

The developer uses the IBM Blockchain Platform Extension for VS Code to:

  1. Package a smart contract.
  2. Launch a local Hyperledger Fabric Network.
  3. Install chaincode on the peer node.
  4. Instantiate the chaincode on the peer node.
  5. Use a Global Finance application to interact with the Hyperledger Fabric network through API calls using the fabric-network npm library. Admins can also use the application to create new participants.


See the detailed instructions in the README file. These steps show you how to:

  1. Clone the repo.
  2. Use the VS Code extension to set up a smart contract on a basic Fabric network.
  3. Run the application.