Enable infinite scrolling in an iOS application


An infinite scroll UX is great for social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, but it can be tricky to enable in your app. With this code pattern, you’ll be able to easily build an app enabled with infinite scroll with pagination using IBM Cloudant, a NoSQL database.


This code pattern gives you the foundation you need to start creating an app that is immediately enabled for infinite scroll. Or, you can copy and paste the code into an existing application. This code pattern comes pre-populated with data for countries that you can infinitely scroll through.

In this code pattern you will learn how to:

Provision and integrate a Cloudant NoSQL database. Enable infinite scroll in the application. Connect to additional IBM Cloud services.


Infinite scrolling with Cloudant for iOS architecture diagram

  1. The mobile app content displays information, using the data provided by the Cloudant NOSQL Database.
  2. The Cloudant NOSQL Database stores the necessary information that is needed for the application and returns it back to the mobile user with an infinite scrolling design.


See the detailed instructions in the README file.