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Monitor objects over time with IBM Maximo Visual Inspection


The web application presented in this code pattern generates a line graph showing objects detected in a video feed. Users can view the stages of any process in chronological order.


This code pattern uses IBM Maximo Visual Inspection, an image analysis platform that allows you to build and manage computer vision models, upload and annotate images, and deploy apis to analyze images and videos. The web application we provide uses information from Maximo Visual Inspection to generate a line graph showing objects detected in a video feed.



  1. The user accesses the web application and provides login credentials for both the camera system and IBM Maximo Visual Inspection. The user also fills out a form to select the model and classify images as positive or negative.
  2. The Node.js backend connects to the camera’s RTSP stream and forwards information to the frontend web application.
  3. Captured frames are forwarded to the IBM Maximo Visual Inspection backend for analysis.
  4. Detected objects are rendered on a line graph.


Find the detailed steps for this pattern in the file. The steps show you how to:

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Start the application.
  3. Configure the web application.
  4. Observe the results.