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Synchronize data between asset and workplace management solutions


Enable automated synchronization of portfolio data between TRIRIGA and Maximo Asset Management systems to integrate asset and facility management operations.


In this code pattern, learn how to synchronize bi-directional portfolio data of IBM TRIRIGA and IBM Maximo Asset Management using App Connect Designer flows for synchronizing people, locations, and assets. Using the provided flows, enable a variety of use cases: from a simple trigger-action integration that updates or populates the records in the other application to more complex scripted cron jobs that orchestrate these objects into their respective primary system of record.


Architecture diagram showing how to integrate Tririga and Maximo using App Connect

  1. When a record is updated in Maximo Asset Management, it triggers the flow to synchronize with TRIRIGA. (There is also a flow that works in the reverse direction, that works in a similar way.)
  2. App Connect Enterprise sends a request with the updated information through the flow towards the target destination (TRIRIGA).
  3. A JSON Parser sifts through the request and converts it to an object.
  4. Each object that is returned from the JSON Parser goes through Steps 5-8.
  5. The data from the object is mapped to the corresponding fields in the target application (TRIRIGA).
  6. The newly mapped data is sent to the target application (TRIRIGA) where the record is created or updated.
  7. This record is then validated with the original application (Maximo Asset Management) via another Post request.
  8. An ID is either created or updated within the original application (Maximo Asset Management).
  9. Steps 4-8 are repeated for each object that is present in the original request (Maximo Asset Management).


Find the detailed steps for this pattern in the README file.