Track assets on a blockchain ledger


In this code pattern, you’ll learn how to leverage Maximo Automation Scripts to track Maximo assets within a blockchain ledger.


IBM Maximo is an enterprise asset management solution that helps you put that data to work making better decisions based on insights from enhanced analytics. This code pattern is targeted towards Maximo users that have assets that may be managed by third party vendors and regulators. The blockchain ledger provides a “single source of truth” for all interested parties.

When you have completed this code pattern, you will understand how to leverage Maximo Automation Scripts to propagate changes to a blockchain ledger.



  1. Work Order is created/updated in Maximo.
  2. Work Order data is stored in blockchain ledger.
  3. External parties are notified of work order via UI.
  4. External parties update work order in UI, updates are stored in immutable blockchain.


Find the detailed steps for this pattern in the README.