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Dr. KC Wang and Dr. Hudson Smith | Clemson University and the Watt Innovation Center

Dr. Kuang-Ching Wang and Hudson Smith discuss the rationale and strategy of the Watt Innovation Center at Clemson University. As part of the National Science Foundation Cloud and Fabric, the Watt Innovation Center is increasing the performance of cloud computing while also easing the work required to develop new AI solutions for academic researchers in partnership with IBM Watson.

0:34 Dr. Kuang-Ching (KC) Wang, Professor Watt Center Science and Technology Director – Introduction

1:35 Dr. Hudson Smith, Research and Data Scientist – Introduction

2:47 Discussion of the Advanced computing, Cloud, AI research community – NSF cloud, NSF Fabric – KC

7:34 Discussion of Cloud Lab, increasing reliability and scalability in the cloud – KC

11:24 What is the Watt Family Innovation Center and partnership with IBM Watson – KC

14:18 How is Watson involved with the Watt Family Innovation Center? – Hudson

19:38 Discussion around NSF Fabric and programmable networks use – KC

31:15 Dive into software defined networks, flexibility and benefits – KC

35:14 Projects that take advantage of Watson in the Watt Center – Hudson

40:45 How to get involved with Cloud Lab, Fabric, Watson in Watt Innovation Center – KC

42:15 Closing thoughts on HPC and AI, Convergence of resources – KC

44:12 Closing thoughts, Watson in Watts – Hudson