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Dr. Vlad Kindratenko and Dr. Eliu Huerta | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Vlad Kindratenko and Eliu Huerta explain how the Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovations (CAII) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are using an IBM Power 9 cluster to research and deliver astounding deep learning solutions for their community campus and industry partners. From astro-physics to gravitational waves and neural networks, their high performance computing center has offered break-through solution for both faculty and students alike.

0:26 Dr. Vlad Kindratenko, Sr. Research Scientist at NCSA Center for AI and Innovation – Introduction

1:12 Dr. Eliu Huerta, Sr. Research Scientist at NCSA Center for AI and Innovation – Introduction

2:25 What is the NCSA (National Center for Super-Computing Applications)? – Vlad

4:14 How does the NCSA relate to the Center for AI and Innovations? – Eliu

8:03 For astrophysics and gravitational waves, how do you use High Performance Computing to solve problems? – Eliu

14:30 Discussion on fluid dynamics, turbulence and simulations with HPC – Vlad

16:50 How does CAII work with industries? What is the relationship? – Vlad

18:44 Discussion on the HAL Supercomputer program and Power9 cluster at CAII – Vlad

23:20 Use of clusters in the Astro-physics community – Eliu

29:12 What do you see in the future for HAL in CAII, what would you like it be able to do – Question from Terry Leatherland – Vlad

33:20 Closing thoughts on making technology available to students – Eliu

35:37 Closing thoughts – Vlad