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Flexible, digital infrastructure for your cloud, Episode 3 | The IBM Originals Podcast Series  

Why digital transformation is the ticket of entry for your organization to compete.

1:00 What role does digital transformation play in the shaping of enterprises?

2:30 What will make an effective digital infrastructure environment, going forward?

4:59 What else is driving the transformation of digital environments?

6:15 Where are the pressure points when it comes to building interdependent environments?

7:06 Given these challenges and rapidly evolving cloud native applications, what advice is IDC giving?

8:57 Why is deploying with automation more important than before?

10:52 What are analysts at IDC predicting?

11:54 What will organizations need to do to make the pivot to digital-focused environments?

13:26 What will it take for organizations to get where they need to go?

15:40 How do organizations get started?

17:48 What other considerations should decision-makers keep in mind?

18:49 What’s the bottom line around digital transformation?

19:21 Final words of advice from IDC