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Digital Developer Conference, Data and AI on November 10


This podcast is part of Data and AI Digital Developer Conference on November 10 and November 24. To view details on the conference sessions, go to –

Guests in this episode:

  • Justin McCoy (0:16) – Director, IBM Developer Client
  • Ruchir Puri (6:15) – Chief Scientist, IBM Research
  • Rama Akkiraju (12:00) – IBM Fellow, CTO – AI for IT Operations
  • Pooja Mistry (17:16) – Developer Advocate
  • Omid Meh (19:22) – Developer Advocate

Listen to five experts in AI and data science as they prepare you for the exciting Data and AI Digital Developer Conference on November 10, 2020. For Session 1 we’ll review real-life production AI solutions and architectures that have been deployed and cover what challenges your organization may face. Next, choose from five workshops and labs to gain hands-on experience with the code and platform for your AI solution. Session 3 is a condensed data science and AI course, the essentials. And finally, we’ll review datasets in the open source world including four recently released datasets for predicting wildfires.