Z Application Platform Talks

Episodes (10)

IBM Distinguished Engineer Christian Jacobi describes the development of the next-gen chip for mainframe AI.

Jan 19, 2022

Will Yates, IBM CICS Test Architect and Galasa Lead, talks deep integration testing at scale.

Jan 18, 2022

IBM Master Inventor talks accessibility, open source, and new ideas for the mainframe.

Dec 20, 2021

The IBM Z Technical Strategy Lead weighs in on the current state of APIs on Z and what the future…

Nov 4, 2021

Two IMS product managers provide a window into what's coming next for IBM's information management system.

Nov 2, 2021

An IBM Master Inventor and CICS expert explores why customers use Java and how they adopt it on IBM Z.

Nov 1, 2021

See how application platforms support developers and system programmers with modern tools.

Aug 6, 2021

Longtime IBMer Ian Mitchell reveals how architecture shapes applications and helps to make them more maintainable and future-proof.

Aug 5, 2021

In this episode, IBM Distinguished Engineer Fraser Bohm gives his take on current trends in application platforms.

Aug 4, 2021

In this first episode, your hosts discuss why they want to lead the discussion around runtimes and application platforms.

Aug 3, 2021