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Jon Sayles talks IBM Developer for z/OS


As promised, folks, we present this season’s Episode 2 featuring the man, the myth, the legend: Jon Sayles. Jon is equal parts most interesting man in the world, fountain of knowledge, and extoller of IBM’s Developer for z/OS.

In this episode, Jon shares with us his thoughts on topics including:

  • ADFz/IDz and the modern workbench
  • Why developers say they are faster on ISPF 3270
  • The impact of confirmation bias on deciding to adopt new tools, resources, and methodologies
  • Institutional knowledge — what is it?
  • Training your people, and training them well
  • A story about Autocoder
  • Various other musings on the Z-life

If you haven’t listened to our first episode (where we talk with Rosalind Radcliffe), be sure to check it out here.