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Sanjay Chandru talks enterprise DevOps and cloud-native development on IBM Z


Z DevOps Talks is pleased to bring you another episode of Season 1. In this episode, we ring in the new year with our very own fearless leader, Sanjay Chandru, Director of Enterprise (aka Z) DevOps. Get your pen and paper out, because you’re going to want to take notes for this one.

Listen in as we discover how Sanjay and the rest of the team are making enterprise DevOps and cloud-native development a breeze! Sanjay, a 20+-year IBM veteran, prolific writer, and proselytizer, regales us with the goings-on within Z:

  • Z DevOps is coming into its own
  • How DevOps is no longer just a trendy buzzword
  • On culture, people, tools, and delivering on promises
  • Why we want Z to be unremarkable and what that means

BYOI — Bring Your Own IDE

  • GitHub, VS Code, Eclipse Ché, all things open source, DBB, and more
  • Future-proofing on Z
  • Containers on Z and their impact on “Shift Left” development
  • And why Z is one of our best-kept secrets