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Bruce Armstrong talks all things Zowe


Hey, welcome back to the show — thanks for joining us! In Episode 5: The Mainframe Strikes Back, we trick Bruce Armstrong into joining us for an episode. Bruce is an IBM veteran and offering manager, and serves on the leadership of the Open Mainframe Project’s Zowe™ Project.

Bruce lives up to all the hype as he’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Zowe, the mainframe in general, and the Open Mainframe Project. In this episode, we cover some serious ground:

  • Zowe — what is it and how is it framed?
  • The Open Mainframe Project
  • Zowe as the infrastructure’s plumbing
  • VS Code and Eclipse Ché making use of Zowe services
  • Wrapping the Zowe framework in restful APIs and how that contributes to opening up the mainframe
  • Use cases for Zowe
  • The cultural shift in the mainframe community
  • How old dogs can teach young pups new tricks
  • Making the mainframe less remarkable

Want to know how you too can join the Zowe revolution? Bruce recommends the following resources:

And in case you haven’t heard our other episodes, check them out here. Happy listening!