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Kyle Charlet talks Ansible support for z/OS


“La vache! Ansible and z/OS? Oui!”

In this very special episode of Z DevOps Talks, 50% of the team was fortunate enough to spend some time, on location, at our Silicon Valley Lab with notre ami and Distinguished Engineer Kyle Charlet. Monseigneur Charlet has been furiously working on Ansible for use with z/OS. Frankly, we were surprised to able to spend even an hour with him, but we’re sure glad we got the chance!

This is an extra-special episode because our focus was 100% entirely on the work that is being done by the SVL team to support Ansible for z/OS. We hope you enjoy listening about the new developments coming from Kyle and his team. You’ll soon find out that they are just getting started.

If you’d like to learn more or join the community, check out the following:

And if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor user, we’d love to hear from you. You can either reply directly to this post and we’ll contact you, or Kyle says you can shoot him an email today.

Enjoy the show, we’ll be speaking to you all again soon enough.

Merci bien!

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