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Gary Mazo talks IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence


Welcome back, folks! In our latest episode of Z DevOps Talks, we bring you yet another special episode from sunny California. This time we spend some time with IBM Silicon Valley Labs’ Gary Mazo. Gary took some time out of his busy schedule to teach us a thing or two about some of the great things coming out of SVL, namely ADDI or Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence.

Gary is a veteran IBMer and ADDI team member. He is an international patent holder, and longtime software developer serving on many teams, including most recently with ADDI. In case you aren’t familiar, ADDI is an analytical platform used for modernizing enterprise applications.

ADDI allows you to analyze enterprise applications and determine commonly used business terms and rules. You can analyze programs, conduct impact analyses, and even use it to better understand control and data flows. Gary says if it’s a data provider on Z, we can cross-correlate and provide end users with some really powerful reporting and documentation. Well, Gary says more than that, but you’ll have to listen to the rest of the episode!

Fancy kicking the tires? Well great, you can find ADDI on our Z Trials Program too. Core scenarios include:

  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Business Rule Discovery
  • Static Analysis

A big thanks to Gary for coming to talk to us this episode. He’s a real passionate guy, and you can really hear that come through!

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