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Andrew Tram talks Continuous Delivery releases in IBM’s Z/DevOps organization


In this episode, we were able to sit down with our final guest before the lockdown/quarantine went into full effect. Episode 10 has us chatting with Andrew Tram, based out of RTP, NC, US. Andrew is an IBM Developer for z/OS Advisory Software and DevOps Release Engineer.

Andrew has spent much of his career with IBM and has been with the mainframe from the start. He has a very technical background, and that gives him a great perspective when it comes to our continuous delivery releases. In this episode, he talks about our release schedule, the overall process, and so much more.

We covered such topics as:

  • What a release manager is and what do they do?
  • Aqua Products — what are they and where can I learn more?
  • The ECU Jazz Ensemble Band and Saxophones
  • When a developer interacts with the mainframe without even knowing it
  • All about CD releases in Z DevOps
  • If you could go back in time, what “current” Andrew tell “then” Andrew?

Say safe out there folks! And remember to practice good social distancing and take the proper hygiene precautions.