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Peter Haumer talks IBM Z Open Editor and IBM Wazi for CodeReady Workspaces


Welcome back to another episode of Z DevOps Talks. In this episode we caught up with Dr. Peter Haumer, one of our IBM Z® Senior Software Engineers. Presently, he is serving as Development Lead for IBM Wazi for CodeReady Workspaces and the IBM Z Open Editor teams.

This episode is jam-packed with content and IBM Wazi for CodeReady Workspaces is in the spotlight. The overarching themes we discuss are focused around the Wazi Sandbox, Wazi Workspaces, and how they both support IBM Z’s continued mission of enabling enterprises to achieve a complete DevOps end-to-end pipeline. Topics we cover include:

  • How the IBM Wazi platform provides enhanced capabilities and z/OS development on the cloud
  • Wazi sandbox, Wazi workspaces, and the end-to-end pipeline
  • The continued evolution of Wazi and how it has been two years in the making
  • The convergence of our new open technologies and capabilities and Red Hat’s CodeReady Workspaces
  • z/OS on x86 (Intel) servers — huh?
  • How Wazi makes life easier for both developers and programmers!

Peter is passionate about the work he and his team are doing. And if you listen to the podcast, you’ll agree that he is earnest when he says he wants to hear from our users. So, if you want to try for yourself, Peter has provided us with a great many resources:

And once you’ve spent some time in the driver’s seat, please let us know your impressions: What do you like? What don’t you like? What do you want to see more of? What are we missing? Email Peter directly — he really wants to hear from you!

Stay safe out there!