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John Willis talks the next frontier in mainframe modernization


Thanks for stopping by and giving a listen to our latest episode. We are still remote, still very much in lockdown. But the silver lining is that we have been fortunate to reach some really influential people in the DevOps world. In this episode, we sit down to chat with John Willis and Rosalind Radcliffe. John brings with him over 40 years of mainframe and DevOps experience. And, fun fact, he attended the very first DevOps Days in Ghent.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Where/How John and Rosalind first met
  • John Willis discusses his over 40-year career
  • How he came to find himself at Red Hat
  • How he came to be Senior Director of Red Hat’s Global Transformation Office
  • The five elements (dev, ops, product, architecture, leadership) and the three economies
  • Why John likes the term “hybridity”
  • The dangers of ignoring “prior art”
  • Real-world examples of shift-left software development
  • Why John is a fanboy for Red Hat and IBM
  • And the future of automated governance

Thanks again for joining us! Come back soon as we’ll be porting all our episodes over to our brand new home.