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Jeff Douglas talks IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform


In this latest episode, we chat with Senior Software Engineer Jeff Douglas, who brings 40+ years of experience in mainframe application development. His most recent endeavor was a beautifully (written-in) Assembler solution called IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform. Jeff tells us that the platform is actually about 650 programs, making up over 120,000 lines in code (with even more eloquent commenting throughout)!

You’ll learn more about what it is and the history leading up to its creation. But IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform allows users to record and then replay their applications by virtualizing the data and eliminating the need to have any middleware. No changes are made to a developer’s applications, and this allows teams to massively shift-left development and testing efforts.

Jeff is very excited about this mostly because of how significant and ground-breaking it is. We are entering a new frontier of application modernization and you get a front-row seat. Watch the demo too!

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