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Elliot Rushton and Rosalind Radcliffe talk continuous integration with GitLab and IBM Z

In our latest episode, we sit down with Elliot Rushton and Rosalind Radcliffe. Elliot is an Engineering Manager at GitLab, Inc, and Rosalind is a Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for DevOps for Enterprise Systems at IBM®. IBM Z® continues to embrace a holistic approach to application development and delivery. And part of this strategy sees us tightly, seamlessly integrating open source solutions alongside our other IBM-branded offerings.

Elliot and Rosalind both talk to us about GitLab, and its CI (Continuous Integration) Runner. Because of the interest in use of GitLab for SCM (Source Code Management) and CI in the z/OS environment, we’re aggressively rising to the demand. Sure, understanding how this CI fits into the z/OS ecosystem can be tough to wrap your head around. But we’re in luck, because both Elliot and Rosalind do an excellent job of distilling it down and making it much easier to understand.

And we aren’t stopping there. Elliot also discusses some of the plans on the horizon. So, stick around to the end to learn more about this blossoming relationship between GitLab, Inc. and IBM Z.

And just for fun, here are some important links that provide more background on this partnership:

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