PowerVC is the perfect companion to HMC because it simplifies many of the virtualization tasks that you would need to use APIs for on the HMC. For those of you who have not discovered just how many of these tasks PowerVC can automate for you, We’ve made a consolidated list here. If you’re just getting started with PowerVC, here’s the Introduction to PowerVC Standard.

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HMC task / concept PowerVC topic
Deploy templates
Create a partition from a template Deploying captured or imported images

Deploying a virtual machine from a template

Creating virtual machines (cloud users)

Set the HMC to collect resource utilization data Dynamic Resource Optimizer (DRO) (in ‘Advise only’
Manage PowerVM Planning for PowerVM hosts

Working with virtual machines

Work with partition templates (Images) Working with images
Capture configuration as a template Capture a virtual machine
VM/partition operations Working with virtual machines

Remote restart

Dynamic Partitioning (DLPAR) Dynamic Resource Optimizer (DRO)