If you are upgrading PowerVC from 1.3.3.x version to 1.4.1.x,1.4.2.x you need to follow below steps to upgrade your storage provider successfully.

  1. Navigate to the storage details page in the PowerVC user interface.
  2. Select a Storage provider, and then click Edit Storage. Specify the new Hitachi REST server IP address and port.
  3. Click Connect .
  4. Run the powervc-config storage hitachi thin-pool command to specify a pool that has the type HTI or HDT.
    To run this command, you will need to know storage host name and storage pool details.
    Get the name of storage host using below CLI command.

     powervc-register -o list -r storage
    Name                     Display Name             Type
    ====                     ============             ====
    hitachi_g1000            Hitachi77                hitachi 
  5. For storage pool name details, go to the Storage details page and get the storage pool details.

  6. Now run the following command to update the storage pool.
     #powervc-config storage hitachi thin-pool --storageHost hitachi_g1000 --set --pool PowerVC_7TB --restart
    Storage provider hitachi_g1000 updated
    Restart of cinder services requested. 

On the Storage details page, you can see REST server, REST server port and Hitachi thin pool information updated .

We have seen how simple it is to upgrade with Hitachi storage system in PowerVC. If you have any questions about this topic, please comment below. Watch this space for more information about troubleshooting your environment. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

2 comments on"Troubleshooting PowerVC Upgrade with Hitachi storage provider"

  1. Morten Torstensen September 16, 2019

    Do HDS have cinder drivers for PowerVC running ppc64le now, and native (not needing HRCM)?

    • HDS cinder driver internally uses the CM REST API to talk to Hitachi and can run on any environment ppc64,ppcle or x86.

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