In part 5 we cover the final announced feature Cloud Manager for PowerVC – Metering via REST API for billing purpose. At this release the raw data is supplied so there is no Billing or Invoice preparation.
The REST API and documentation leave the user with a lot of work to do and this video gives you a worked example of a bash shell script you can run on the Virtual Machine running PowerVC to extract the data and transform it in to a Comma Separated Values file for opening with a spreadsheet.
It uses the openstack PowerVC command and curl for the data extraction and then a bunch of grep, sed and awk filtering to transform it to a usable format.

Get the script and further hints and tips here:…

and look for the Blog on PowerVC1.3.1 Metering

Don’t forget the PowerVC Redbook has been updated for PowerVC version 1.3.1

Author: Nigel Griffiths

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