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Summary of the exciting features coming to SPSS Statistics 25 and Subscription.

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  • Join us for User Community Day at THINK 2018 February 16, 2018
    We’re hosting User Community Day at this year’s THINK 2018 on Sunday, March 18th. User Community Day is open to ALL registrants of THINK 2018. If you still haven’t registered for THINK 2018, then REGISTER now (guess what? As a community user, you will get a community member discount of $300! Code: TH18UG) Join us […]
  • Updates to the LKC and Survey February 15, 2018
    As part of our continued effort to revitalized and improve the License Key Center, we have released a number of critical updates designed to improve your experience: 1) Generate Authorization Codes – This is for new installs. We have fixed a previous issue with creating codes to enable your SPSS base products and any modules […]
  • Quick 2 minute survey on SPSS Statistics February 14, 2018
    If you are a SPSS Statistics customer, please participate in this quick 2 minute survey.
    Doug Stauber
  • Register Today: Transform your CRM data into actionable insights using IBM SPSS Statistics February 14, 2018
    Join us on March 8, 2018 at 1pm ET for a live webinar on using SPSS Statistics to derive insights from CRM data. You will learn how to: • Access third party data source (CRM, database, spreadsheets, etc..) • Quickly understand large and complex datasets using advanced statistical procedures ensuring high accuracy to drive quality […]

Modeler SPSS Modeler

Model Random Forest

Model Random Forest icon

Classification and regression based on a forest of trees using random inputs, utilizing conditional inference trees as base learners.

Modeler SPSS Modeler

Weather Underground Import

Weather Underground Import icon

Accepts airport/weather station IDs and returns various weather data points for each location.

Modeler SPSS Modeler

MLlib Pagerank

MLib Pagerank icon

Estimating the relative importance of individuals within a social network using Spark MLlib.

Modeler SPSS Statistics


Generic Regression icon

This procedure calculates Bayes factors for sets of regression models and the posterior distribution. Only continuous (scale level) variables can be used.