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Summary of the exciting features coming to SPSS Statistics 25 and Subscription.

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  • Improved License Key Center UI: Generating Authorization Code December 6, 2017
    As you saw in our previous blog, we are coming out with an exciting redesign to the License Key Center. We wanted to build on the excitement and give you a hands-on preview of the experience. Below video shows the code generation experience with the new LKC. At this time, this is a preview only […]
  • Top 7 Tips and Tricks for SPSS Subscriptions November 28, 2017
    Both current Subscribers and those considering a SPSS Subscription can benefit from this list...
    Doug Stauber
  • An Exciting Future for IBM SPSS Modeler November 22, 2017
    Last month my colleague Doug Stauber announced a new user interface for IBM SPSS Statistics that is coming with the 50th anniversary of SPSS Statistics product. I am very pleased to announce that IBM continues to invest in the SPSS brand and product roadmap. IBM SPSS Modeler, a favorite tool of so many data scientists […]
    Ted Fischer
  • SPSS Statistics Subscription Update: Matrix Enhancements & More… November 22, 2017
    On August 4 we asked you – our customers – to tell us what Matrix features you would like to see added to SPSS Statistics. Just 3.5 months later we are excited to let you know that we took your suggestions to heart and have delivered an impressive set of enhancements. These enhancements are now […]

Modeler SPSS Modeler

Model Random Forest

Model Random Forest icon

Classification and regression based on a forest of trees using random inputs, utilizing conditional inference trees as base learners.

Modeler SPSS Modeler

Weather Underground Import

Weather Underground Import icon

Accepts airport/weather station IDs and returns various weather data points for each location.

Modeler SPSS Modeler

MLlib Pagerank

MLib Pagerank icon

Estimating the relative importance of individuals within a social network using Spark MLlib.

Modeler SPSS Statistics


Generic Regression icon

This procedure calculates Bayes factors for sets of regression models and the posterior distribution. Only continuous (scale level) variables can be used.