On Wednesday the IBM Extreme Blue team of IBM La Gaude is going to present in the Extreme Blue Expo in Germany the project about SPSS and Bluemix… more details coming soon! In the following post I wanted to present the members of the team of this year that did a fantastic work.



The team members of the project this summer have been :

  • Bouchra Harnoufi : 22 years old from ENSEEIHT school in Toulouse. Eager to work in Nice with temperatures close to her Maroccan roots.
  • Denis Lecoeuche : 21 years old, from Ecole Centrale Lyon. His most time consuming task at work is getting lost in IBM’s building 😉
  • Antoine Sachet : 23 years old, from Supélec. As a rugbyman at Supélec, he used to tickle the biggest guys. Now, he’s ready to tickle your biggest data.
  • Danil Savine : 22 years old, from Supelec. Russian by birth, French by heart, global in his mind. The business guy of the team.

team members

They made a strong team, it was my pleasure to lead these guys. Good luck with your presentation!

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