Great news for all the developers. You can now deploy the predictive models created using IBM SPSS Modeler to your applications.


It is very simple, simply log in Bluemix and you can upload your SPSS stream in the Administration Dashboard. Once deployed, your applications can access your models via requests and score input data. You can also refresh your predictive models without stopping your applications.

You can access IBM Predictive Modelling service via REST API using any programming language.  I will do a tutorial and video showing you how easy is to get started using it.

9 comments on"SPSS is now on Bluemix!"

  1. Can you confirm that I can directly deploy a .str file generated with SPSS ?

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  3. Toshifumi Mizokami November 03, 2015

    Game companies are using SPSS quite a lot. I think you provide API for those companies to use SPSS on BlueMix, correct ?

  4. Dhivya Sudeep September 28, 2016


    Where can I find the tutorial video. How can we access input excel file from desktop and run that with the SPSS model that I have uploaded to Bluemix.

  5. Prasanta Chakravarty December 01, 2016

    Could you please help me in getting a sample R-Code source with steps to deploy in Bluemix and getting the output. In case to do this SPSS is also required then, please let me know whole bundle along with deployment and getting output process.

  6. Marc Dorloechter May 18, 2017

    I can’t find it on the catalogue. Does it have a new name?

    • Bjoern Meyer June 01, 2017

      It is now called “IBM Watson Maschine Learning”, you will find it under “Data&Analytics”

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