In my previous blog post, I talked about my travails of utilizing code for data mining projects.  I definitely see my skills improving and I can use Python to parse a csv file and transform it into a consumable dataset.  But it can still be tedious and annoying to parse the data and then run analytics on it. Well, here comes IBM SPSS Modeler with its graphical user interface that can help me build predictive models intuitively and fast.

Don’t have Modeler or haven’t used it? No worries! It’s easy to use (even for an accounting/finance double major like me) and it is now available for download as a 30-day trial.  Check it out and experience the power of IBM SPSS Modeler first hand.

Let’s quickly touch the Kaggle Titanic survivor prediction case study I previously discussed. Say I want to quickly predict who will likely survive on the ship.  I can write code, I can program…or I can use Modeler and in minutes have a strong (~84%) prediction of the outcome – see figure below.


As you can see, IBM SPSS Modeler is very easy to use and its interface allows for intuitive data mining – load the data, identify the target and predictor variables and run the model!  And if you are not sure what algorithm to use (like me) – Modeler will pick the best one for you.

So join me – download a 30-day trial of Modeler and unleash the power within!

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