Update 10/28/2015: There is now a page dedicated to getting started with Extensions. Click here to go to that page. This post shows a walk through of getting set up for extensions, but visit that page for more detailed information for different versions of SPSS Statistics and Modeler.

If you are new to using SPSS Modeler, you may not be aware that it can be extended with R. Take a look at this video explaining why the combination of these tools is so powerful and 7 reasons why SPSS Modeler and R work great together.

In addition to writing your own custom scripts in R and using them in SPSS Modeler, there are also a lot of really cool R extensions already created (available here). Setting up SPSS Modeler to use these R extensions is an easy process with the following steps:

  1. Install SPSS Modeler
  2. Install R
  3. Install the R plugin for SPSS Modeler

This guide will walk you through steps 2 and 3. I assume if you are here then you already have a version of SPSS Modeler installed.

Install R

    • Use the table below to determine which version of R you need to download:
Version of SPSS Modeler Version of R to download Link to download for Windows
SPSS Modeler 16 R 2.15.2 Link for download
SPSS Modeler 17 R 3.1.0 Link for download


    • In this demo we will be installing R 3.1.0 for Windows to work with SPSS Modeler 17
    • Click Download R 3.1.0

R Download

    • Once the file downloads, run the executable.
    • Click next through the installation wizard, unless custom installation is needed
    • Make note of where you install R because it is needed when installing the R plugin

Install R Essentials Plugin for SPSS Modeler

    • Click here to download R Essentials
      • This will take you to a download page with a different option for each version of SPSS Modeler
      • Click on the circle next to your version and scroll to the bottom of the page
      • Click Continue
      • You may be prompted to complete more information in your developerWorks profile if it was not completed previously
      • Once your profile is complete, you will come to a screen with different download options based on your machine
      • Click on “Download using http”


      • Find the appropriate download for your machine and click Download Now
      • Once this file has downloaded, follow the steps for installation
      • In this process, you will need to provide the path to where R was installed as well as the path to the .rstats extension installed with SPSS Modeler (this is the bin folder within the ext folder for your product)


      • Click Install to complete the process

    You are now ready to use R extensions with SPSS Modeler!

6 comments on"How to get started with SPSS Modeler and R"

  1. Hi,

    I followed the same steps, but when I open my SPSS Modeler 17 the extensions are missing in the modeling pallet. Do I have to do something additional to deploy them?


    • I uninstalled version 3.2.1 and installed version 3.1.0 and did not work either.

      • Hi –

        This guide shows how to get your system ready to start using extensions in SPSS Modeler. You need to install each extension from the IBM Predictive Analytics Github at http://ibmpredictiveanalytics.github.io/

        You will find instructions on the extension’s Github page for installation. Let me know if you have already tried this and are having issues.


  2. syedmonsoorahmedmusheer May 25, 2016

    I get the error R Engine Not found when i run the report using SPSS Modeler 17 & Analytical server 2 with R version 3.1. Suggest some solution. Thanks

    • dasicainiao June 20, 2016

      I got the same error “R Engine Not found” when i ran R node using SPSS Modeler 17.1 & Analytical server with R version 3.1.

  3. Hi,

    Is there actually a viable link to download Install R Essentials Plugin for SPSS Modeler 18.0?

    “Click here to download R Essentials” seems to lead to a temporarily unavailable resource.


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