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Welcome to the premier conference for data and analytics. Explore the newest innovations, industry breakthroughs and hottest trends in analytics, cloud, mobile, the Internet of Things and Watson that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s not just about the data anymore – it’s about getting business insights faster.

We will have plenty of sessions about SPSS and the new features that we are adding to our platform. Come to learn them all! These are some of the SPSS-related sessions that we will have:

  • DPA2025: Analytics for Financial and Operational Performance Management using Cognos TM1 and SPSS Modeler
  • ASC3848: Applying Real Time Predictive Modeling for Powerboat Racing at SilverHook
  • LAB2530: Automation in IBM SPSS Modeler Using Python and R
  • DPA3923: Best Practices: Implement IBM SPSS Modeler and Overcome Shortages of Budget, Skill and Time
  • DSA1678: Better User Experiences in IBM SPSS Statistics
  • DPA4023: Code Free Strategies for Getting the Most out of Big Data Advanced Analytics Workloads
  • DPA3963: Deep Insight into Business Analytics Projects in Denizbank
  • DPA2060: Deliver Transformative Results: Deploy Predictive Analytics on an Open Platform
  • DPA2743: Discover the Untapped Potential of Data Generated by the Internet of Things
  • ASC1147: Engine and Vehicle Cloud Analytics in Action: A Customer Case Study
  • DPA3925: Expert Exchange: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most from IBM SPSS Modeler
  • DPA1555: Fraud Detection Using Real Time Analytics on the New IBM z13 System
  • DPA2063: Harness the Predictive Analytic Potential of Big Data
  • BIL1263: Honda’s Big Data Approach With PMQ, SPSS and WCA
  • DDW3500: How a Digital Media Firm Uses IBM Technology to Hone Creative Marketing for Clients
  •  LCA3389: How to Create Extensions for IBM SPSS Modeler Using R
  • DPA2776: How to Use the Latest Big Data Algorithms
  • LCA3107: IBM Big Data & Analytics and IBM Bluemix: The Potential of the Internet of Things
  • LCA3064: IBM Intelligent Operations Center: Gain Insights from Smarter Cities Data
  • DPA3184: IBM SPSS Modeler Integrates Seamlessly With Esri
  • DSA1679: IBM SPSS Modeler: Unleash the Power of Scalable Data Mining Algorithms on Big Data
  • DPA3061: IBM SPSS at Nationwide: How Nationwide Uses Predictive Analytics
  • ASC2144: Implementing Best of Breed Solutions for Streaming Analytics with IBM Streams
  •  DPA1870: Integrating Predictive Analytics with Operational Decision Management
  •  DPA1963: Operations and Analytics: Embed predictive analytics at the point of dialog
  •  DPA1524: Optimize the Customer Experience With Predictive Analytics
  •  DPA2770: Predictive Analytics Lifecycle on Big Data at Rest and in Motion
  •  DPA3197: Predictive Analytics Platform as a Service at Boeing
  •  LCA2338: Predictive Modeling without a Ph.D.
  •  BGV1794: Real World Predictive Policing: Examining a Case of Predictive Policing Using SPSS Modeler.
  •  DPA3072: Seven Good Reasons to Combine IBM SPSS and R
  •  ASC3791: Spark, IBM Streams and IBM SPSS: An Architecture for Best of Breed Analytics
  •  DPA2678: Unlock the Secrets of Big Data with IBM SPSS
  •  DPA2823: Use Python Code to Generate Forecasts of Demand for Beer
  •  DBI2070: Using IBM Cognos Mobile Dashboards on iPhone and iPad to Deliver Executive Insights
  •  LCA2335: Using IBM SPSS Statistics and the R Programming Language Together
  •  DPA1630: Volvo Group: Predictive Maintenance Using the IBM Predictive Analytics Platform
  •  DPA1340: What’s New in IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics
  •  DPA3038: What’s New in IBM SPSS Statistics
  •  DPM2543: Will It Blend? Mixing Several Analytics Tools Into an Agile Business Solution
  • DBI4011: Workshop: IBM Forward-Looking Business Intelligence

You can check the full agenda here: https://www-950.ibm.com/events/global/insight/sessions/

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