Today we are excited to announce four Watson Services Extensions for IBM SPSS Modeler. These extensions connect to Watson Services through IBM Bluemix. Three of these extensions are built using Watson Language Translation Services and one is built using the Watson Personality Insights service. spssLoveWatson
Below are the four extensions with a brief description as well as links to their GitHub repository:
In order to use these extensions, you must first create an account on Bluemix. Click here for a guide on getting started with Watson Services on IBM Bluemix. Once this is complete you will have a username and password that will be needed for each of these extensions. After your account is set up, you need to install the extension you would like to use. In each repository there are installation instructions.

  • Check out this video to see a demonstration of the three Language Translation extensions

  • Check out this video to see a demonstration of the Personality Insights extension

Take a look at how Dr. Olav Laudy, Chief Data Scientist at IBM, built a classification model using the Watson Personality Insights extension for IBM SPSS Modeler:

These extensions as well as all other IBM SPSS Modeler extensions are available on the IBM Predictive Analytics Github Page

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