Last week we announced the new version of IBM SPSS Modeler 17.1 and Analytic Server 2.1. In this new post I would like to showcase the new algorithms that we included in this new release.

Combined with SPSS Analytic Server now we offer some additional distributed algorithms:

  • Random Trees, Linear Support Vector Machines, Generalized Linear, Linear, Tree
  • Transparently leverage Spark, bringing performance & scalability advantages up to 2.5x
  • If Spark is not present, algorithms will fall back to run in Map/Reduce

Models generated from these algorithms can be scored against any data source.



In the coming days we will detail more each of them….stay tuned!

2 comments on"New SPSS Big Data Algorithms"

  1. Armand,

    Is Analytics Server a new name for Modeler Server or a completely new product seperate from modeler server?

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