By Jared Peterson

Looking for a starting point installing IBM SPSS Modeler Server? Wish there was a video that would walk through it? Now there is!

IBM SPSS Support has created a video that gives you a jump start on installing Modeler Server on Windows. While it is no replacement for the documentation, it does walk through the common installation steps you will see on Windows.

Another video from IBM SPSS Support is the Modeler Client installation video:

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  1. Meni Berger January 22, 2018

    Hello Susan,
    I recently installed a Modeler Server 18.1.1 on CentOS 7.0 (equivalent to RHEL 7.0) to use in conjunction with Analytic Server 3.1.1. I was wondering if you have some experience in such an environment and if so, will you incline to answer a couple of questions.


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