Today we released a brand new extension for importing data in IBM SPSS Modeler. Many times when working on a project there is a need to use data that is stored at a URL. We now have two extensions for SPSS Modeler that can read in data directly from the internet. The popular extension, Read JSON File (available here) was just updated to facilitate reading JSON from a URL.

The new extension released today handles delimited data like CSVs. The interface for this extension is shown below and features different modifications available for reading data. Dialog This new extension is available for download here.

1 comment on"Read Data from URL with New SPSS Modeler Extension"

  1. Tobias Girschick October 30, 2017

    Hi Greg,
    first of all thanks for the new node.
    However, I’ve got a problem using it with Modeler 18.1. I tried to play through the example, however Modeler tells me that it has too many fields in the Input (14) and expects only 1! Known issue? Am I doing something wrong?
    I used the Extension hub to install the new node.


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