Today, I'm very excited to announce three new extensions developed by Ondrej Szekely, who is an IBMer and member of the SPSS Predictive Analytics Community. His extensions use the Plotly R Package which allows the creation of interactive data visualizations. After Ondrej developed these extensions, he created a GitHub repository for each one that was forked into the IBM Predictive Analytics Gallery.

Below are links to the three extensions he created and images showing the type of graphs you can create. These graphs are fully interactive and can be shown in any web browser. The generated graphs and be zoomed or selected to highlight certain data points and tool tips will show additional information.

Interested in extension development and sharing with the community? Go here to learn how to build and submit extensions!

1 comment on"New Plotly Extensions for SPSS Modeler"

  1. This is the extension I was waiting for!

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