The BIG DATA UNIVERSITY Chinese Edition will be delivered this May, and now the Beta version is available. We are launching our free training about statistical analysis technology and in this training you will learn the basic of IBM SPSS Statistics including programmability.


The Big Data statistical analysis training code is: SP001

The training includes 6 parts:

■ Summary of Big Data statistical analysis, including the process of analyzing data, and the history of SPSS Statistics product.
■ Data preparation, including data cleaning, data transformation, time series data and demo using IBM SPSS Statistics.
■ Data modeling analysis–descriptive statistics, including basic statistical analysis method, using a salary comparison demo to demonstrate descriptive statistics analysis with SPSS Statistics.
Data modeling analysis– Inferential statistics, SPSS Statistics Analyze menu contains majority analytics method, we build predictive model to help solve Bank credit fraud problems.
■ Introduce SPSS Statistic model scoring and Export /Output format.
■ Introduce SPSS Statistics Direct Marketing module, make demo to target the potential costumer.
■ Introduce SPSS Statistics Essential for Python and R, and how to implement extension.

After completing this course, You will understand data analyze process, be able to make a data analysis using SPSS Statistics, and make an extension for yourself.

General Information
■ This course is free.
■ It is self-paced.
■ It can be taken at any time.
■ It can be taken as many times as you wish.
■ Students passing the course (by passing the final exam) will have immediate access to printing their online certificate of achievement.
■ Your name in the certificate will appear exactly as entered in your profile in
■ If you did not pass the course, you can take it again at any time.

Recommended skills prior to taking this course
■ Basic knowledge of statistics (recommended but not required)

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  1. Adérito Seixas May 12, 2016

    This is great but, is the course in Chinese only?

  2. there is no video available

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