IBM SPSS Statistics is now accepting applications to participate in our Sponsored User Program. Sponsored users can participate in a number of different activities to provide feedback that will shape the future design, direction, and experience of SPSS Statistics. These activities may include discussion on use cases, review of mockups, request to complete surveys, and participation in review of Beta software.

Register for the IBM SPSS Sponsored User Program

If you are interested in joining this program or you would like to learn more, please complete the information form above.

EDIT: Thanks to all of those that applied. The form is now closed for new submissions.

4 comments on"Register for the IBM SPSS Statistics Sponsored User Program"

  1. Anyway can help

    I was a part of the SPSS Beta Team well before IBM so hope can help again


  2. Art Kendall July 08, 2016

    I suggest that you scan the SPSSX archives for frequent contibutors and King Douglas page “SPSSX Experts”. Then invite those individuals/

  3. I would like to learn about SPSS

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