2 comments on"SPSS Statistics 24 Fixpack 1 is now available"

  1. Hi

    I have the SPSS 24 and my advisor also has the same problem. On Friday, another faculty member informed him that the stats we generated were wrong and did not match his program which was another stats program.

    What am I suppose to do? What programs am I suppose to download and do you people not check your stats analysis programs before people use them. I have a ton of data that I have to rerun.

    So what am I suppose to download? Everything or how am I suppose to select a program from that llist when I have no idea what to download.

    Not a happy camper.

  2. Hi

    I am installing SPSS Statistics Server on Linux RH7, I would like to know how to configure it to work with Active Directory. I have followed the steps of the documentation but I can not make it work.

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