IBM SPSS Analytic Server (AS) version 3.0.1 is released on 11/30/2016. There are a set of enhancements in this release, including:

New Data Source Support
• IBM BigSQL is supported as both JDBC data source and HCatalog data source. SQL push-back is supported to leverage BigSQL MPP SQL Engine for data processing operations.
• Dash DB JDBC data source and SQL push-back is supported
• Existing MySQL database can be used as AS metastore

Performance Enhancement
• Hive SQL push-back is supported
• SQL push-back for outer join is supported
• Spark map-side join is supported to optimize the execution

Usability Enhancement
• User can import/export multiple data sources in a single action
• HCatalog user interface is updated to only show the tables to which the user has access

Platform Support Update
• Support new platform – Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64
• Support MapR 5.1
• Support Cloudera 5.8
• Support DB2 11.1

Complete user documentation is available in the IBM SPSS Analytic Server Knowledge Center.

6 comments on"Announcing Analytic Server 3.0.1"

  1. Vallaud Thierry December 02, 2016

    Super news
    When do you integrate natively ML/HD inside connectors in Analytic Server ?

    • Hi Vallaud,

      Sorry that I did not see your question in the first place. I’m not quite understand what it referred to by “ML/DD in the connectors in Analytic Server”. Do you mean Machine Learning in Spark? Can you elaborate more of your question?

  2. AndresRomero December 07, 2016


    In addition, do you have any document related with Analytic Server sizing?. How do you calculate the RAM, free space in DD for server with Analytic Server installation?

  3. Is the Hortonworks Hadoop 2.5 supported in this latest fix pack release?

    • Hi SL, HDP 2.5 is not supported in the latest release of AS 3.0.1. We are planning to have a fix pack release for AS 3.0.1 to add HDP 2.5 support, tentatively by end of March.

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