Today we’re excited to announce a new free extension for SPSS Statistics: Stats Power. Stats Power calculates power and related statistics for a variety of tests including t-tests, proportion tests, ANOVA, correlation, chi-squared, and linear models. This free extension, based on R, recreates much of functionality previously found in SPSS SamplePower.

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To prepare your system for this extension, be sure you’ve installed the latest Fixpack and installed R and Essentials for R.

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To download Stats Power, open SPSS Statistics 24 or later and navigate to Extensions -> Extension Hub. Search for stats_power and select the Get button. The extension will download and install under the Analyze menu. To view the extension documentation, click on the help button.

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Special thanks to Jon (Kim) Peck for creating such a great extension to share with the SPSS Community.

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5 comments on"SPSS Power Extension for SPSS Statistics"

  1. I tried 5 times and still dont see stats power in spss. Please help

  2. Does installing SPSS extensions require admin privileges to the computer or are extensions a per-user option that each user of a computer can install for themselves without IT support?

    • Setting up your machine to run extensions, for example installing R and R Essentials, does require admin privileges. However, installing each individual extension does not require any special privileges.

  3. ALEXANDRE ALLE February 08, 2017

    If not working, please install the package Pwr directly open R
    Packages >> Install Packages >> Chooser Server >> Look for Pwr
    Then open Statistics (that has R essentials + R), it should work.

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