SPSS Statistics Subscription, launching on March 28, includes several key new features. Not only does it offer easy purchasing, managing, licensing, and upgrading, it also starts with two important new features. Today’s blog will focus on the first key new feature: a new and improved Chart Builder. The Chart Builder has been enhanced to more easily create beautiful, easy to share charts.

Great Looking Charts

First, Chart Builder makes great looking charts by default. The default template includes modern styling and colors. Plus, we’ve included additional templates (including greyscale) for you to explore.

Create Charts Faster

Chart builder now has a streamlined user interface and includes more options while building. For example, you can now customize the colors, filter data, add grid lines, and apply a custom template right in the builder. Plus, anything you can customize in the builder can be pasted as syntax, allowing you to execute batch jobs of perfectly formatted images.

New Sharing Options

Not only does the Chart Builder allow users to export as high quality PNG and high resolution PDF files, but it now includes the ability to copy and paste charts as Microsoft Graphic Objects. This allows you to manipulate charts after exporting. For example, you can create a image using the Chart Builder, paste it in Powerpoint, then edit colors, styles, titles, and even chart type. This gives you maximum flexibility while working between SPSS Statistics and Microsoft applications.

Note that all these features will be found in the Base Edition of SPSS Statistics Subscription. You can try out all of these new chart features with a Trial of SPSS Statistics Subscription on March 28th.

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