AS released on April 7th. It is a Fixpack release for AS 3.0.1.

AS supports HDP 2.5, CDH 5.9, and MapR 5.2.

To align with the new version of Hadoop distributions, AS added support to Spark 2.x. Options are provided at installation time for selecting Spark 1.x or Spark 2.x to work with Hadoop distributions (HDP 2.5, CDH 5.9 and MapR 5.2).

Impala 2.7 is also supported in AS for Cloudera CDH platform. Apache Impala 2.7 is an open source analytic MPP database SQL engine for Apache Hadoop, and an integrated part with Cloudera CDH. AS supports Impala as database datasource with SQL pushback enabled, as well as HCatalog datasource for accessing Impala data via HCatalog interface.

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