IBM SPSS Statistics 25 is now available. It brings major new features including Bayesian statistics, a new chart builder, customer requested statistics enhancements, and more.

SPSS Statistics 25 Bayesian Analysis
SPSS Statistics 25 Bayesian Analysis with an example of our new charts

The Subscription has been updated to match these features.

Thanks to all our customers, business partners, and IBMers who made this release possible.

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  1. Hi Doug,

    I wonder whether there were any updates to the Missing Values module. Earlier this year I was advised to go to other software due to the lack of diagnostics for multiple imputation convergence for logistic regression. This module has so many user-friendly features, but the inability to judge the success of its convergence seemed like a fundamental flaw. It also didn’t seem too difficult to provide diagnostic tables, since some other programs had them.


  2. where is for logistic regression under regression ?????

    • Logistic Regression capabilities are within the Regression module for SPSS Statistics 25. The Regression module is within the Standard, Professional, and Premium bundles. For the Subscription, logistic regression lies within the Custom Tables & Advanced Statistics add-on. Hope that helps. We’re working on updating the website so it is more clear what functions each of the add-ons contain.

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  4. Is there any way to buy a perpetual license for SPSS, and never pay IBM again? All I am finding are 12 month subscriptions

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